A blessed day Shepherd’s Call Ministry! It’s been a long time since I sent my last message and feedback to your ministry although since then I’m continually listening over your radio program even downloading your broadcast that I may listen again and again and even sharing it to others and I am gladly inform you in the last 3 months I begun to study the 5 SOLAS OF REFORMATION series and included them in my personal quiet time and I am now in sola gratia series but I’m not yet started the solus christus series because kulang pa po ako ng isang mp3, “A close look at solus christus part 1”, there’s a problem in downloading, hindi ko po mai-download, error and invalid file appears, kaya po may I request now this mp3 file. Thank you very much Shepherd’s Call, it is my prayer that your ministry use continually to reach many Filipinos in and outside the country to draw them to our Lord Jesus Christ! God bless you and SOLI DEO GLORIA!

November 17, 2016

James Daniel Bigaw —