October 19, 1994 | Speaker: Bro Jurem Ramos

In our Christian life, I have always been reminding all of us that we need to be alert. Not all problems come by way of simply unfavorable circumstances, viruses, relationship misunderstandings, depressions, accidents, etc, all purely natural reasons.   Many of our problems could in fact have its source in Satanic attacks. That is the impression we get from the writings of Paul and the gospels.   In the gospels, sickness due to demonic work. Satan inducing people to do evil.   Herein Ephesians, we find several instances where Paul mentioned them.   Eph 2:2 – he is called the ruler of the kingdom of the air.                     _he is also called the spirit who is now work in those who disobedient.           Eph 4:27 – the devil desires to gain a foothold in our life.           Eph 6:11 – he has schemes.           Eph 6:12 – he has an organized army
  • against the rulers
  • against the authorities.
  • against the power of this dark world.
  • Against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.
Eph 6:16 – he has flaming arrows. Therefore the ONLY WAY TO OVERCOME THEM is.
  1. GOOD PREPARATION & DEFENSE- Be strong in the Lord, Be strong in his mighty power and Put on the full armor of God.
When demonic forces attack, there is no way we can overcome them but by good PREPARTATION. However take note that we do not just prepare (for example, by PUTTING ON THE FULL ARMOR OF GOD) and then just sit and do nothing. Just let him hit us. No, we are not to be just like sitting ducks which armors who do nothing and just becomes ready targets for Satan. No we do something with the armor. Armor is not only for defense. It is about to RESIST. v.11 Be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power… Put on the full armor of God SO THAT YOU CAN TAKE YOUR STAND AGAINST THE SCHEMES OF THE DEVIL.           v.13 Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, YOU MAY BE ABLE TO STAND YOUR GROUND and after you have done everything… TO STAND.           v.14 STAND FIRM THEN, WITH… This is a command. This is not a suggestion. However there is something unique with this command. It is a command that comes not so much like a Father giving a command to a son, but from a commanding officer, a General, to his subordinates. A General to the Soldier under him.  This General of ours knows we are in a battle and he has recruited us to join his forces against his enemy. When God ( the “Lord of Hosts” “Mighty in Battle) Says “STAND” What does He mean? What are some principles we can derive from this command by the Lord of the armies of heaven.
  1. Christians must see themselves as soldiers in the army of God.
  Lloyd Jones: “We have seen already the frequency of the use of military                    Epistles. We are not regarded there as sick people. We are always                    addressed as people who should be healthy, and who are to stand.                    The image that you should keep in your mind is that of a barracks,                    a training ground. We must think of ourselves as troops, as soldiers,                    as people in the army of the living God. The world outside is not                    interested in Christianity for it thinks that is something sentimental,                    sloppy, spineless. All the exhortations here partake of the military                    character.   Apply. When you get a hold of that truth, it will make such a big difference. How many times have we been defeated by Satan because we never saw ourselves that way. We always saw ourselves as babies that needed to be nurtured. We always saw ourselves as being in the nursery. And so we are so quick to cry and to expect to be cared for like babies. We want to get what we want but we do not receive it and so we have tantrums. WE MUST BE CAREFUL NOT TO USE THE BIBLE AS AN EXCUSE…  
  • In relationship with the word of God, we must be like babies, craving pure spiritual milk. (1Peter 2:2 ) Some Christians abuse that. The truth is Paul uses that in away derogatory way in 1Cor 3:1-3; 14:20; 15:58.
  • In relationship with Jesus as the Shepherd, we are sheep, but in life we are not treated primarily by the Lord like who are stubborn and stupid. That is for unbelievers. In the same book where Peter talks about elders, he commands them to be shepherds, but never tells the sheep to be like sheep. 1Peter 5:2 But in 5:8,9.
  • In the Christian life, God sees us as soldiers in his army. Many Christians today cannot win the battle because even at the onset they see themselves as BABIES, COUNSELLEES, HURT PEOPLE, PRODUCTS OF DISFUNCTIONAL FAMILIES, PEOPLE WHO LACK SELF-ESTEEM, PEOPLE WITH INFERIORITY COMPLEX & OTHERS…
    Many Christians have an outlook that is more Psychological than biblical. Rather than see Themselves training in a barracks they see themselves as patients that need eternal counseling. This is not to say that is wrong, but what we say is more Christians need to change the way they see themselves or else, simula pa lang nang labanan, talo na sila.    
  1. Another thing that this word, “STAND” is telling us is, WE SHOULD NOT BE SURPRISED, OR DISAPPOINTED WHEN THERE IS A BATTLE. We must expect it to come. (esp. because were Christians).
  Can you imagine, soldiers in the barracks, who for months or years were receiving training or preparation in the fields get surprised, disappointed, or unhappy when the war comes. For years they have been informed, we have an enemy. He is out to kill us. There is an evil day that will come. When that day comes, you must stand. Do you think they will be surprised when that day comes. Do you think… They feel sorry for themselves, They say, “Why did this happen to me. Mabait naman ako. Sumusunod naman ako sa kalooban mo.   1Peter 4:12; 5:8,9 2Tim 3:12 Phil 1:29   Lloyd Jones= “Nothing is more important than that we should recognize the inevitability of trials and troubles and conflicts in this world because of the devil and because of sin. Therefore, whenever we find ourselves tending to be discouraged, and to feel that we have a sense of complaint and grudge that the Lord does not seem to be fulfilling his promises to us, that very moment we must heed this exhortation to stand! “Pull yourself together”, “brace yourself up”. We must not give way to the self pitying thought that come crowding into our mind and heart. As Christians we should never feel sorry for ourselves. (Let us remember that one of the greatest sins is the sin of self-pity, being sorry for oneself and allowing thought to enter into the mind which cast doubt upon God’s love and goodness and care for us). It matters not what our position may be, or what may be happening to us, we must never feel sorry for ourselves. The moment we do so, we lose our energy, we lose the will to fight, and the will to live, and we are paralyzed.    
  1. Another principle we get from the command to “STAND” is that we MUST NOT BE FRIGHTENED.
The exhortations and the commands of the Lord is to enable us to stand. (Eph 6:11,13,14). -It does not mean underestimate the devil and his power -Realize that his power is only second to God’s to whom we belong. -Realize that we are part of Christ’s body. -Realize that we are in Christ, seated together with Him. -Realize that we have the Holy Spirit. -Remind Satan that the blood of Christ is upon you. And that the power you have is a result of your relationship with Christ.    
  1. We must never give even a thought to possible retreat.
  Lloyd Jones= “A general who is planning a campaign and looking back over his shoulder to possible retreat will probably have to retreat. He is already defeated before the battle is joined.   Ex: It seems people who plan to get married are already thinking of divorce even before getting married.   We are assured of the victory! So that you can stand. We must believe. We need a SHIELD. Ex: An old Sister who was working for my sister dress. She wanted to die. Then she realized Satan’s voice.   We must be encouraged that we hear the word “Stand” not “Woe to you”    
  1. We must realize the privilege of being in.
  God has so privileged us to be part of His kingdom. To be part of his army. To join forces with Him in destroying the work of Satan. (Col 1:13; Acts 26:17). We must remember what it is to be a Christian. It is to be transferred from the kingdom of darkness to light. We are God’s children. What a privilege. Some so-called Christians cannot stand because they do not know why they are in Christian communities.
  • Maybe because they were born with Christian parents.
  • They are Christians only because of upbringing.
  • They do not understand it. Most of the time they are envious of the non-christians who seem to be having so much fun in this world.
  • They feel sorry for themselves because that is what they have really wanted to do.
  • They forced themselves to pray. They force themselves to worship. They do not love Christ.
  • They are rebelling against the bible and his word.
  • Well if that is your position, you are already defeated.
  1. These promises are as true today as they have ever been. The Lord has not changed. He is still the same and made His presence known and felt to his people, who are struggling at moments of crisis in evil days.
  2. But we must seek to know Him and believe His word, specially this teaching.
  3. We appropriate it by praying the prayers of those saints… Appropriating the promise of God. Plead them at His throne of mercy.
-Keep spiritually fit… Have short accounts. -Be open -Commune with God always. -Plead at His throne -Expect to receive.