Put On the Full Armor of God

October 12, 1994 | Speaker: Bro Jurem Ramos

We have already dealt with the first two exhortations:
  1. a) Be strong in the Lord;
  2. b) Be strong in His mighty power.
  We now come to the third exhortation: Put on the full armor of God.   Take note that Paul first of all puts this exhortation in general and then in verse 14-17 he gives us the details. This is very characteristic of him; He puts the whole first and then takes the individual parts. (Lloyd Jones, CS 170). And so similarly let us not yet deal with the pieces of armor in detail but let us look at some general principles first.  
  1. Take note that there is a balance of preparation. The first part in v.10 can be taken as the offensive part while the second part in v.11 is the defensive part of the preparation. All scholars take note that the list of the pieces of armor found in vv. 14-17 (except the Word) are all for protection or defense.
  This tells us that when we are in the battle it is not enough to have good offense, we must also have good defense. We must have good protection. For example: In the Asian games (Philippines Vs. South Korea), Allan Caidec good offense.   We mentioned last week that Being strong in His mighty power refers to the supernatural power available from God. He sends it by miracles, signs and wonders anointing of the Holy Spirit, Baptism of the Holy Spirit, vision and dreams, etc., We have said that in times of need we can come to the Lord and in His sovereignty, He can provide this power when He sees that we need it. Now there are some Christians who have experienced that manifestation from God in their past lives and encounters with Satan or in their general walk with God.   Illustration: Some Christians take pride in having received the empowering or the baptism of the Holy Spirit as the Pentecostals term it. And for them that is enough. I heard one time that a certain Pentecostal pastor who was asked if he had attended a certain seminar conducted by Baptists who were also third wavers on how to handle cells, he said “Well you know, wala nang tatalo sa Pentecostal teaching on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit”.   For them speaking in tongues, experiencing prophetic gifts and gifts of healing from 1Cor 12 is enough and that there is nothing else you need if you are to fight against the enemy, they are greatly mistaken… They may have the offensive weapons but there is a need to have defensive weapons and protection also. ( Similar to US sending ANTI-SCUD MISSILES to Kuwait. Fighter Jets are not enough. B-52 bombers not enough ) Another extreme of course takes knowledge without power.   Ex. Gal 3:5 Holy Spirit and power not enough. He sends them a letter of rebuke to inform.       Gal 2:11-14 Peter was rebuked by Paul. Titus 1:5,6,9; 2:1-3,9,12,15; 3:14 This is the reason why we need Wed midweek, Sunday, Friday, Radio ministry, Library. ( Some people do not believe in the “enemy” and so more and more rely on human resources. Do not forget that only God’s weapons can match Satan shemes. Less faith in the power of God’s Word Rom.1:16-17 ).  
  1. Notice that the armor is “of God”. It is that armor that comes from Him and provides his children.
  Nothing but armor of God will suffice this terrible conflict. There is no protection, nothing we can do that will ultimately protect us against this subtle, powerful enemy but the armor provided by God Himself.   This armor is not something we invent. Thought of, this is not human reasoning, psychology, human wisdom. “God has not left us to our own resources and devices. We do not have to think of something new; everything that we need is provided by God” (Lloyd Jones). There are some problems that can be helped by psychotherapy using different human theories, Human advice Will power Positive mental attitude Meditation techniques Vacation, entertainment Anting anting Fung sui   But schemes of Satan, and these enemies of God which are second only to the blessed trinity will not be defeated by men’s theories or techniques. We can only defend ourselves using spiritual weapons, that are mighty before God.   See their spiritual nature: belt of truth, righteousness, gospel of peace, faith, salvation, word of God.  
  1. The Lord provides us with the “FULL ARMOR OF GOD”.
You do not need any additional. The ones listed in vv.14-17 is not the exhaustive list but it contains the essential ones we need and they will be enough for good defense and protection. We do not need anything else. God has provided everything we need. ( 2 Peter 1:3; 2Tim 3:16 ).  
  1. “Put On” “You” put on.
Armor of God is something we put on and not placed upon us by God that works automatically. This is not something done by God for us. ( 2Peter 1:5; Josh 1:8; Ps 1; 2Tim 2:15 ). Phil 2:12,13   -you work out your salvation -you appropriate. (Ro 6:11) -Righteousness is yours in Christ. Believe it appropriate it. -Victory is ours. Stand! ( 1John 5:18 ).  
  1. The armor of God is something to be put on permanently.
John MacArthur says: “Put on carries the idea of once and for all of permanence. The full armor of God is not                 Something to be put on and taken off occasionally but is something to be put on permanently. It                 is not a uniform to wear only while playing a game and then to remove when the game is over. The armor of God is to be the Christians lifelong companion. 1Cor 15:2; 2 Peter 2:8, David, 1Cor 10:12 Peter in Galatians    
  1. The whole armor must be put on.
You cannot select which parts of the armor to put on. Every part must be protected. The mind, the heart, the will. If you were specifically referring to doctrine this can mean, there needs to be the whole counsel of God that is dealt with. Not just our favorite passages. Sometimes there are movements that happen in Christian communities that emphasize only on some doctrine. Emphasis only on evangelism, only on sanctification, only on spiritual warfare, but they do not talk about the Last days, the second coming, the bible, the family, etc.   At the same time, the areas of our lives that must be protected must include the mind. So yes we need teaching, but that is not all, our emotions must also be protected. But it is not all emotions. There must a balance with intellectual aspect. And also the will must be protected.    
  1. There is only one kind of person who can put on this armor – THE TRUE CHRISTIAN.
  -Because only he can be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might.   -Because the very nature of the armor makes this quite inevitable. Ex. A Sister came to me for counseling, asking how her mother can cope with a particular problem. How can she cope when the principles that will be given to her will consists of understanding and applying the truth of the gospel. The armor can only be used by the spiritual person. If you have relatives, loved ones who are not Christians, they have to be Christians first if they Are to apply these truths.   Application:  
  1. The devil is waiting, watching with all his subtlety & power & forces. There is only one way to stand.
Be strong in the LORD, Be strong in His mighty power. Put on the full armor of God.  
  1. What great privilege Christian has in Christ. Use it. Know your weapon. Use everything provided by God. Believe God for the victory.